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Ethereum (ETH): No Internet Access on Asus Prime Z270-A

ProTip: Flash Your BIOS FirstWe suggest that users flash their BIOS before attempting the below. This may also resolve the “No Internet Access” issue as we no longer needed to apply the below patch after flashing our BIOS and then reinstalling Xubuntu on a wiped SSD. The latest BIOS for the ASUS Prime Z270-A is […]

Ethereum (ETH): 9 GPU Mining Rig Parts Lists

We’re creating a tutorial for building a digital currency mining machine. Our goal is to maximize hashing power, quality and aesthete while minimizing cost.

AWS Technical Interview Bootcamp

This post contains tips, live interview questions and first hand advice on acing the AWS interview AWS: Q1 2016 and Q1 2015 AWS is a key profit driver for Amazon. The below financial metrics tell the story: 64% Revenue Growth over Q1 2015 9% of 2016 Revenues 56% of 2016 Op Income 7% of 2015 […]

Advanced Security Class: Secure Shell (SSH) and Passwordless Logins

Secure Shell (SSH): Configuring Public-Private Keys for Password-less Logins References: AskUbuntu: Trying to do ssh authentication with key files: server refused our key

Python Part 7: Integrating MySQL with Python on Windows 10

Connecting MySQL to Python on Windows 10 This brief tutorial assumes you have set up your virtual environment and have either MySQL or an exiting WAMP install on your Windows PC. About This Free Tutorial This tutorial explains how to use the PyMySQL Python library. We’re making this free, given the paucity of definitive information […]

Class 6: Advanced Housekeeping: Server Options and Installs

Housekeeping: Installing Necessary LAMP Packages 1. Folder Access Control Published 2/19/2016 at 9:51 PM EST