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What We’re Up To: Our October 2020 Reading List

Our October 2020 Reading List Some notable bookmarks and readings we’ve been exploring for this October. We also wrote a comprehensive Beginner’s React Tutorial. Will post soon! Interfaces in PHP Interfaces are abstractions for creating classes in object oriented programming. Understanding interfaces will help you implement SOLID principles in your objected oriented code. Creating NPM […]

Software Engineer Community Evangelist

This Position Has Been Filled We’ve completed our transition into a Software Development and Engineering Incubator and this opening has been filled. Please, consider applying to our Software Engineer in Residence (EIR) program. The EIR a rare opportunity to grow professionally, expand your coding stack, and potentially launch a start-up.

Coronavirus Pandemic Survival and Prepper Kit

Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Guide (Originally Published March 9, 2020) Prologue:We as individuals and as a country need to first recognize that this is part of God’s divine judgement of sin on earth. We are all guilty! Secondly, we need to humble ourselves, get on our knees, accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Finally […]

Solution: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, id=00e6(Receiver ID)

PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, id=00e6(Receiver ID) Step-By-Step How to Fix For the impatient the solution is to remove the files clogging your hardrive and then edit the grub file to add the pci-nomsi parameter to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT directive. Here’s how you do this: Overview We noticed this error on our second mining rig […]

AWS Technical Interview Bootcamp

This post contains tips, live interview questions and first hand advice on acing the AWS interview AWS: Q1 2016 and Q1 2015 AWS is a key profit driver for Amazon. The below financial metrics tell the story: 64% Revenue Growth over Q1 2015 9% of 2016 Revenues 56% of 2016 Op Income 7% of 2015 […]

Pricing Strategy

Post CreditsThis synopsis was originally published on Code Sport in December 2015. It is based on an April 2015 post from Nick Kolenda. It was inspired by a student I interviewed in December 2015 for a software engineering and teaching internship with Code Sport. 1: Reduce the Left Digit By One Our brains encode numbers […]

Class 6: Advanced Housekeeping: Server Options and Installs

Housekeeping: Installing Necessary LAMP Packages 1. Folder Access Control Apache 2.2 vs 2.4: apache2-utils is prerequisite: $ sudo apt-get install apache2-utils How to Set Up htpaswd $ htpasswd -c .htpasswd your-user-name $ htpasswd .htpasswd all-other-user-names 2. Set Server Clock to Your Time Zone $ dpkg-reconfigure tzdata 3. a2enmod rewrite for Pretty URL and Redirects […]