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Crypto-Friendly Banks

Crypto-Friendly Banks References and Sources Trader’s Union Credit Donkey Bank Bonus

Launch a Startup Like a Gorilla

Marketing Learning Resources Guerilla Marketing & Product Launch Cashflow Positive in 30 Days or Less Web3 Start-up Business Ideas Online Training Courses for Marketing

Apprenticeships: Growth Marketing & Blockchain

Apprenticeship Opportunities in Growth Marketing, Blockchain, and Web3 Code Sport is a tech incubator focused on building transformational, high-impact companies within the Healthcare and FinTech sectors. We have several Apprentice Training programs available. To apply, send your resume to and schedule a 15 minute Q&A on our Calendly All opportunities are 100% remote and last […]

React useEffect

Three Use Cases for React’s useEffect Hook

dApp Ideas: Hackathon Projects

dApp Ideas for Hackathons (hat tip: Polygon Buidl It: Summer 2022)

What We’re Up To: Our October 2020 Reading List

Our October 2020 Reading List Some notable bookmarks and readings we’ve been exploring for this October. We also wrote a comprehensive Beginner’s React Tutorial. Will post soon! Interfaces in PHP Interfaces are abstractions for creating classes in object oriented programming. Understanding interfaces will help you implement SOLID principles in your objected oriented code. Creating NPM […]

Software Engineer Community Evangelist

This Position Has Been Filled We’ve completed our transition into a Software Development and Engineering Incubator and this opening has been filled. Please, consider applying to our Software Engineer in Residence (EIR) program. The EIR a rare opportunity to grow professionally, expand your coding stack, and potentially launch a start-up.