1. Mobile First. Open site on phone and see what’s broken
    1. For example, mobile menu should close after user visits another page
  2. pages/votes/index.js
    1. Past proposals do not populate UI, but are available in console.log
    2. Failed votes only show as “Defeated”. Specifically, “Expired”, “Failed”, “Cancelled” are never registered. Is something broken? Is “Defeated” hard-coded in UI?
    3. Add vote Expiration/Countdown Timer
    4. Allow vote buttons to only appear for DAO members (The contract does have a function that checks if a wallet holds the NFT)
    5. Admin page to change Governance settings (e.g., vote expiration time, etc.)
    6. Add vote start date and end date for past proposals
    7. In General, try to mimic Compound.finance’s best practices
  3. components/form/ProposalForm.js
    1. New: Create Logic that allows submitting on Generic Proposals