• Project 1 : Integrate FitBit’s Web API with Next.js or Blitz. Store user data in Mongo and/or MySQL. Example project repos: GitHub. FitBit’s Discord Server for developers
  • Project 2: Integrate existing site with Printful. Printful’s API provides automated dropshipping and fulfillment. Printful’s official tutorial is available for reference.

    Printful Resources on GitHub

    We developed two test ecommerce sites. Both built with Next.js. One leverages Mongo on the backend. The other uses Sanity.io. We are looking for a Software Engineer who can integrate Printful into both sites.

    1. All Printful API repos on GitHub
    2. Only JavaScript
    3. Only PHP PHP: Example with PayPal. Another with Stripe + WordPress
  • Project 3: US Tax Compliance for DAOs:
    • Platform uses Subgraphs (GraphQL) and/or Tx Explorers (e.g., PolygonScan, Etherscan, etc) to aggregate payments to and from EOAs and Smart Contracts. Must calculate realized P&L from DeFi transactions such as DEX trading, LP providing, and yield farming.
    • Platform generates Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual US Tax filing documents for DAOs and DAO members. Generated docs are PDF. Users are notified via email and Push (Previously EPNS) or Axelar’s Cross-chain. May optionally build a web dashboard to show historical financials
    • Project may be done in PHP + JavaScript, or React via Next.js or Blitz.js
  • Project 4: Use Axelar Protocol for cross chain Governance, Asset Swaps, DeFi, and Messaging
  • Project 5: Integrate Subgraphs (GraphQL) to query 0xSplits DAO project
  • Project 6: Create UI to upload and delete files (single and a folder) to NFT.storage