1. DAO
    A mobile-first voting app for DAOs. The following can be the features:
    • DAO participants can vote for proposals
    • Check major updates in your DAO
    • A leaderboard to track participation and increase weekly engagement
    • A forum for users to interact in
    • One-stop to run a DAO
  2. NFTs in Education
    A platform for students and educators using web3 technology.
    • Certifications are in the form of SBT tokens
    • Profiles with a display of tokens as proof of participation
    • Onboarding for students, schools, universities and companies
    • Assessment modules to claim certificates
    • Dashboard to track student participation in different courses
  3. Defi Dashboard
    A dashboard to interact with multiple pools from multiple protocols.
    • Simplify DeFi tracking as simple as possible
    • Two different views for newbies and pros
    • Simplify how several metrics like balance and transactional data are shown
    • Track individual or bundle wallets and their activities
    • A view of individual blockchains and also total wallet balances and performanc
  4. Transaction Explorer
    A transaction explorer targeting non-tech users
    • Allow users to search using address, blocks or hash
    • Watch wallet activities and behaviour anonymously
    • Get a report of your wallet tracking transactions and activity
    • Visualize data with charts and diagrams in real-time
  5. Play to Earn
    Quest-based interface for users to participate and earn rewards
    • Complete different quests to earn in crypto
    • Easy onboarding for new users
    • Track your progress on a daily basis
    • Stake your tokens and earn rewards
  6. Cross Chain Bridge
    A cross-chain bridge that allows users to swap between different chains
    • Show conversion price of different crypto
    • Enable token swapping with less friction
    • A dashboard to show different assets in one place
    • Show possibilities of swapping between multiple chains in one place
    • Educational screens for users who are trying for the first time
  7. Game-centric wallet inside of Polygon
    A wallet that enables cross-pollination among different Polygon games
    • View all game assets and tokens in one place
    • Discover new games
    • Identify games with interoperable elements and categorize them together
    • Show the value of your wallet in total
    • Personalized dashboard showcasing favourite games, most-played, most-valuable token, etc.