Some notable bookmarks and readings we’ve been exploring for this October. We also wrote a comprehensive Beginner’s React Tutorial. Will post soon!

Interfaces are abstractions for creating classes in object oriented programming. Understanding interfaces will help you implement SOLID principles in your objected oriented code.

  1. SOLID Principles in PHP by Emma Ham
  2. Google Search Engineer Results for PHP Interfaces
We’ll build up our `package.json` file as we go along. Our scripts will go into the scripts object, and any tools we want to use will be installed and put into the devDependencies object. CSS Tricks – Why npmp Scripts?


How do I Get my earned Compound tokens from without paying exorbitant gas fees? What’s the cheapest way to get my Comp?

OSUBukeye via Reddit


Just interact with the contract by adding or withdrawing 1 token. For example if you have DAI as supply or borrowed, either supply 1 more Dai or borrow or pay back one more dai. Then you will not pay the exorbitant collection fee but a very tiny miner fee worth cents

CryptoCofee22 via Reddit