Problem: After a Windows 10 update, both the mouse and the touchpad on our Acer ES1-512 stopped working.

Cause: The issue is caused by a BIOS incompatibility issue with a Windows Update.

So you’ll need to update your laptop’s BIOS (aka flash the BIOS). Just make sure your system is plugged in and that unnecessary applications are closed. You don’t want any unplanned freezes or power failures while doing this.

  1. Hold shift alt NumLock simultaneously to regain access to your attached mouse. This will allow you to use your laptop like a normal person. This kid has a interesting video on this technique along with other alternatives.
  2. Flash (i.e., update your BIOS). Here’s how:
    1. Go to Acer’s driver site and either type in your model or computer’s serial number. We typed in Aspire ES1-512
    2. See image below. (1) Click on the grey square header with BIOS. (2) Download the zip file. And then (3) double-click and run the executable once it’s downloaded.
    3. The BIOS installer should reboot your laptop after it’s done updating

You’re done. The entire process take about 5 minutes.