Ok. Not cool at all. But here’s the fix:

  1. Close MySQL Workbench if open
  2. Go here: C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 6.3 CE
  3. Change HTMLRenderer.dll to HTMLRenderer.BUSTED .. or just delete the file
  4. Download patched DLL file from here: https://bugs.mysql.com/file.php?id=22868&bug_id=75673
  5. Save patched file to here: C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 6.3 CE

VIOLA! This fix just works!

[1 Jul 13:03] Luka Pribanić
I can confirm that a fixed “HtmlRenderer.dll” posted by Frank Quinteroon 21 Jun 2015 used with MySQL Workbench v. (build 828) is the first GA version after 6.0.9 that works for me on Windows 10. Thank you Frank! Hope this gets pushed to official v6.3.5 or whatever is the next GA / public build. Tested with: Windows 10 Pro, Insider Preview, build 10159 (latest as of today)