Apprenticeship Opportunities in Growth Marketing, Software Engineering, and Web3

Code Sport is a tech incubator focused on building transformational, high-impact companies within the Healthcare and FinTech sectors.

We have four Apprentice Training programs available. These are great opportunities to network and gain professional career references as well as to earn much needed, hands on work experience.

To apply, send your resume to . We’ll then schedule a 15 minute informational call if we think you’ll be a good fit.

All opportunities are 100% remote and last 4 weeks up to 4 months. We and our partners will teach you the skills you need to succeed:

  1. Growth Marketing, Business Development & Data Analytics
  2. Frontend Design & Product Management
  3. Backend Server Engineering
  4. Fullstack Blockchain Software Engineering

Although the training is unpaid, Growth Marketing, Business Development & Business Development candidates who apply by December 6, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST, successfully complete the Apprenticeship, and join our team as paid, part-time contractors for at least 60 days are eligible receive a signing bonus between $500 and $1,000.

  1. Growth Marketing, Business Development & Data Analytics: 8 to 16 weeks part-time apprenticeship. All expenses are paid for by Google, Verizon, and Code Sport Labs.

    The program is designed to upskill those interested in careers in online marketing and applied data science.

    Expected duties Include:

    • Complete at Least Two Google Professional Certifications:
      1. Data Analytics (Google)
      2. Digital Marketing and Ecommerce (Google)
      3. AdWords (Google)
    • Complete Online Marketing for Ecommerce (Pre-recorded Training Series)
    • Complete SEO ROI Measurement & Data Analysis (Pre-recorded Training Series)
    • Optional: Finance Planning, Modeling, and Forecasting (External Materials)
    • Share learnings and knowledge with team members through mini-presentations
    • Choose Two or More Internal Projects
      1. Use social media and email to forge relationships with potential customers, suppliers, and business partners
      2. Schedule and attend team meetings with our stakeholders (customers, investors, new interns, etc)
      3. Apply learnings to internal research projects (e.g., blog post about industry and market trends within your focus areas)
    Upon successful program completion, candidates are welcomed to pursue career opportunities with Google and any of their hiring partners.

    If after program completion you’re unable to secure external opportunities with Google or their hiring partners, arrangements for paid remote work with Code Sport’s parent company will be arranged on a best-efforts basis.

  2. Frontend Design & Product Management: 4 to 8 week apprenticeship. All expenses are paid for by Google and Code Sport Labs.

    • Complete Google Professional Certifications:
      • UX Design (Google)
      • Product Management (Google)
    • Using AI for Rapid Website Design & Prototyping (ChatGPT and External Lessons)
    • Master one or more CSS frameworks:
      1. Tailwind (Suggested training materials to be provided)
      2. Bootstrap
    • Replicate a popular site or create a custom static site with Tailwind or Bootstrap
    • Share learnings and knowledge with team members
    • Apply new learnings to internal research projects (e.g., blog post about industry and market trends within your focus areas)
    • Screen resumes and parent company new hires
    • Coach and ensure Engineers are building projects on schedule and according to customer specs

  3. Backend Server Engineer: 4 to 8 week apprenticeship. Work with our founder and learn:
    • Bash scripting
    • NGINX web server hardening
    • Ubuntu server edition security hardening
    • Grafana and more

  4. Fullstack Blockchain Software Engineering: 6 to 8 week apprenticeship where we will teach you full stack blockchain development.

    A strong React background is required. Next.js background is strongly encouraged. You can help, based on your skills, on existing projects as well. You manage your own schedule.

    Supplemental, Third Party Training:

    • Solidity Expert Course (5 weeks, 4 classes a week): February 6 – March 16
    • Zero Knowledge Proofs (5 weeks, 4 classes a week): February 6 – March 16
    • Solidity Foundations (4 weeks, 1 class a week): February 6 – March 9

    Our Dev Stack

    The development stack is Node, Next, Blitz, Tailwind, “Raw” React, Mongo and MySQL. The team also uses PHP, Bootstrap, and WordPress when needed. For Blockchain applications they use Solidity and Hardhat.

Our Expectations

  1. Please note, that the source code for our projects is not open source. Because we are seeking outside funding, it’s important that we keep portions of our source code proprietary and confidential. We therefore ask that you not share our code to any public GitHub repos. Thank you for understanding!
  2. We ask that all apprentices agree and be aligned with Code Sport’s Values and Mission Statement
  3. Please share constructive feedback with your manager
  4. Please take the initiative to teach and share your knowledge with others on the team
  5. Find and look for ways to add value to projects your team is working on
  6. Communicate with team members in a polite, respectful and honest manner