This track will be lead by a former Information Security consultant who worked as a contractor for the NSA, the US military, DISA, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Learning Track topics include:

Enhanced Server Security (9 topics covered in 17 Classes)

  1. Hacking, Penn Testing, and Honey Pots: Anatomy of a server hack, rootkit detection, log-file analysis, MySQL injection prevention, Using Honeypots to Create Blacklists (3 Classes)
  2. Password-less Logins: Using Public-Private Key Pairs with SSH for Enhanced Server Security (1 Class)
  3. chown, chmod, and chgrp: Understanding Linux File and Directory Permissions (1 Class)
  4. Advanced Firewalling with IPTables, IPset: Country blocking, port blocking, etc (3 Classes)
  5. SSL Certificates: Purchasing, Installation, and Testing for Vulnerabilities (2 Classes)
  6. Compromised VPS and Host Providers: Avoiding Dirty IPs and Compromised Network Providers (1 Class)
  7. Securing WordPress: WordPress exploits and lockdown, Access Control Lists, IP Restriction, and Web Application Firewalls: wp-config.php, wp-admin, xlmrpc.php, wp-login.php, wp-signup.php (3 Classes)
  8. DNS Fail-overs and Mirror Sites: Automated offsite back-ups (2 Classes)
  9. Authenticated Email Delivery: Create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKey Internet Mail (DKIM) records. These prevent your domain’s emails from being marked as spam (1 Class)