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Requirements Overview

Integrate Printful into the checkout workflow of two Next.js ecommerce sites we have created. One site uses a MongoDB on the backend. The other uses for the CMS

Printful has an official tutorial available in their docs. There is also the official Printful PHP SDK. It has code samples that communicate with all API endpoints.

You should integrate all the endpoints provided within the PHP SDK within your Next.js app. We already have a frontend theme and UI. So you just need to build forms with the appropriate onSubmit handlers you would provide.

Conceptually, a minimum proof-of-concept would entail:

  1. Loading products directly from the Printful API.
  2. Give customer estimate of shipping costs (or add it into price displayed)
  3. Send customer shipping info to Printful and execute fulfillment

However, we expect the team doing the integration to share insights and best practices.

An a key requirement is allowing customers to upload their own artwork for printing on t-shirts! Store then sends the image and order to Printful for fulfilment.