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  • Fitness Ventures Demo Video

    Fitness Ventures Sports Clubs

    Publish Date: May 21st, 2022 | Posted in Blockchain, DAO, NFTs | Last Updated

    Fitness Ventures Sports Clubs We enable NFT-based Memberships, Competitions, and Event Scheduling for the health, sports, and fitness industries. This post explores technical and business aspects of the Fitness Ventures platform. Herein, the following topics are analyzed: Twelve minute demonstration of Fitness Ventures version 0.1.0-alpha: Fitness Ventures is part of a portfolio of programmable and […]

  • Roadmap: DAO Buildout May 23 – July 15

    Publish Date: May 21st, 2022 | Posted in Blockchain, DAO, NFTs | Last Updated

    Builder’s DAO: An ERC-721 DAO Utilizing Programmable, Utility NFTs Product Description: At minimum, we will create website that will mint a programmable and utility NFT for our Development team. This enhanced functionality is enabled by the ERC-721 minter contract and each NFT’s json metadata file. Refer to the footnotes on Dynamic and Interactive NFTs for […]

  • Use Cases for Utility & Programmable NFTs

    Publish Date: May 14th, 2022 | Posted in Blockchain, DAO, NFTs | Last Updated

    Overview: Features of Utility and Programmable NFTs Code Sport Labs is building an industry focused ecosystem of programmable and utility NFTs. We view NFTs as containers of value. Below is a non-exhaustive list of potential use cases: Detailed Analysis: Programable NFTs Because NFTs are bound to smart contracts (and are programmable), they may be used […]

  • Windows Posts Image

    ZK-Proofs: Windows 10 & 11 WSL Setup

    Publish Date: May 3rd, 2022 | Posted in Blockchain | Last Updated

    The below steps were successfully tested on a new laptop running Windows 11. They should also work for Windows 10. We will be installing Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). I personally, References Installing WSL Setting Up Your WSL Environment Installing Circom (along with rust and snarkjs) Using Git With WSL

  • Introduction to Programmable NFTs

    Publish Date: April 30th, 2022 | Posted in DAO | Last Updated

    Deprecation Notice This is a deprecated business plan and README for an earlier iteration of our Builder’s DAO project. This post is left here for reference. But may be deleted. The revised and updated business plan is here: Business Plan: Blockchain Studio Navigation Executive Summary: Eight Test DAO NB: Eight Test DAO is a placeholder […]

  • ETH: OpenCl error 4 (0) – cannot create DAG on GPU

    Publish Date: June 2nd, 2018 | Posted in Mining Tutorials | Last Updated

    TLDR; Increase Virtual Memory (the Windows Page File Size) to at least 64,000 MB The solution is to increase available virtual memory by increasing the page file size in Windows. On Windows 10 set the page file size equal to your GPU memory size * number of GPUs. So for a rig running eight RX580 […]

  • Ethereum (ETH): The Byzantium Hard Fork

    Publish Date: October 13th, 2017 | Posted in Mining Tutorials, Ubuntu Linux | Last Updated

    TL;DR: I’m a Miner. What Do I need to Do to Prepare for Byzantium Hard Fork? You should update your Ethereum client (i.e. your wallet). For Linux users running geth, just do this: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get upgrade If you found this helpful, feel free to tip us ETH: 0xff682Acd27D5f073Be77cd88b2F9eb8c2C59c049 Preparing for […]