Problem: Upon wake-up (system resumption from sleep), Acer ES1-512 laptop keyboard is either non-responsive or prints multiple characters. This prevents you from logging in.

Cause: BIOS conflict with recently downloaded or installed Windows 10 Updates

Before updating your BIOS, make sure your laptop is plugged in and drawing power from AC outlet and not the battery.

  1. To log into your laptop, get an external USB keyboard and plug it into a spare USB port. You can get a low-cost one here on Amazon for $11.50. If you’re pressed for time, pick one up at your Staples. The Staples USB keyboard is costs about $13.30
  2. Optional Step: Once you’re logged in, you can determine your BIOS version by (1) right-clicking on your screen, (2) selecting run and (3) typing msinfo32 then pressing enter. This procedure pulls-up the System Information window. Scan the main window for “BIOS Version/Date”
  3. Go to Acer’s download drivers page and enter either (1) your laptop’s model number (e.g., ES1-512) (2) serial number, or (3) SNID. All these numbers are on a sticker underneath the laptop. Acer also offers a serial number detection tool to display the latter two options on your screen
  4. Use the image below for guidance. (1) Select the BIOS/Firmware tab. Most likely your installed BIOS is at a least a year older than the latest available (2) Download the latest BIOS version
  5. Unplug your USB keyboard
  6. Unzip the BIOS file you downloaded. Next navigate through the sub-folders until you encounter the executable. Now double-click and follow the prompts, if any.

After your laptop reboots, your keyboard should be back to normal