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Onsite courses cancelled. All classes are now online for college students and recent grads (more info)

Courses in North Carolina

Megan Instructor

Instructor Quality... Ivy League MBA With a S.T.E.M. Degree

You will learn from the best... a balance of financial, technical, and business acumen not offered by other code schools

Along with relevant industry experience, your instructor will be a seasoned MBA graduate with an undergrad degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) discipline.

Additionally, the lead instructor for each class will have an interdisciplinary background – with working experience from the Financial Services, Consulting, and Hi-Tech fields.

Beginner Friendly... Receive 1-on-1 Assistance During Class

We believe that teaching in small, supportive groups creates the best learning environment

In addition to a lead Instructor, we supplement your learning experience with in-class TAs.

This keeps our classes small with a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1. Small group learning is as good as having your own personal tutor.

Coding best-practices are tightly integrated throughout all Learning Tracks. Skills development is layered, incremental, and self-reinforcing. Each class builds upon the previous.

1-on-1 help during class

Teaching Methodology... Expository Teaching and Paced Learning

We focus on teaching coding intuition and software development best practices in concentrated but steady intervals

Courses are typically taught in two hour blocks and are spread over 5 to 14 weeks. This provides students with ample time for content absorption.

Additionally, our learning paradigm allows students to quickly master a variety of concepts by virtue of creating, reverse engineering, and debugging real world applications.

And besides building projects from scratch (i.e., forward engineering), our students have ample opportunities to reverse engineer and dissect existing applications.

Social Impact... Investing in Our Community

We hire women and minorities who are underrepresented in STEM.

In partnership with Tree Bright Consulting, we provide paid engineering, biotechnology, and financial analysis apprenticeships. This allows underrepresented individuals to gain relevant experience within and accoss various industries.

All hires receive weekly leadership, project management, public speaking, and interview skills training.

Interested in financially supporting our Social Impact Initiatives?

Call us at 919-891-0101 or send an email to

Social Impact

Learn To Code... And Increase Your Self-confidence

Our classes foster a tinkering mindset that increases self-confidence as well as code analysis skills

We encourage our students to take risk, "break things", and to solve challenging coding problems.

Our courses encourage students to tinker, make mistakes, and creatively deconstruct complex engineering problems into manageable pieces. We call this managed chaos. And it's a key ingredient of creativity and innovation.

For Busy Professionals... Ideal for Adults with Full-time Commitments

Classes meet either once or twice a week, outside of business hours

Classes last for 2 hours. Our after-hours scheduling allows those with full-time commitments to:

  1. Network within in the tech industry
  2. Create alternate career paths
  3. Learn much needed technical skills
  4. Increase job mobility

… all without compromising their day-time job obligations.

For Adults

How You Will Learn? By Building Real Business Applications.

Your learning how to code is a by-product of building useful business applications

Our courses are designed for business owners and entrepreneurs. You will build real business applications and systems that you can immediately deploy in your start-up or small business:

  1. Custom, Modern WordPress Themes
  2. E-Commerce Applications
  3. Secure Web Servers
  4. Big Data Graphing Applications