Overview: Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program

Code Sport’s EIR program is designed for experienced Software Engineers who seek to keep their technical skills sharp while finding a supportive network to launch their own startup or join others in launching one.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our Engineers a fertile environment to explore, foster, and launch innovative businesses spanning the Blockchain, CyberSecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Finance sectors.

To this end, Code Sport is our means of networking, sharing knowledge, collaborating on projects, and launching new businesses!

Keep Your Coding Skills Sharp, Launch Your Idea, Get Recognition

You are your own boss and you determine your level of involvement. We give you the opportunity to grow, learn, and get funding for your ideas.

Benefits Overview

  1. Direct Access to Venture Capital Investors and Financing
  2. Letters of recommendation and professional references
  3. Equity or cash for Team Member Projects You Contribute to
  4. Access to Our Corporate Job Bank. There are Urgent Hiring needs for Engineers with any of the below skills:
    1. Cyber Security: Web Server, Network, Cloud, and Endpoint
    2. Web2 Development: OO PHP; TypeScript, JavaScript (React, Node, Next.js, Blitz.js, Express); REST APIs;
    3. Database Admin: MongoDB; MySQL; SQL Database Design and Query Optimization
    4. Web3, Blockchain: Solidity, Hardhat, Ethers.js, React
    5. UI/UX Design: Tailwind, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5
    6. ServiceNow: Admins and Engineers
  5. Access to a Pool of Developers to Help you Make your Project into A Real Business

If you need structured environment with a buffet of benefits, we’ll provide it to you. If you prefer to “fly solo” and go a la carte, we give you that freedom.

You will make new friends, master new technologies, expand your portfolio of projects, network with the most innovative tech companies, and get free technical and soft skills training.

There is no cost to join or participate. Additionally, your involvement is expected to be 100% remote and online.

NB: Equity awards are subject to terms and vesting periods pre-determined by the Project Manager. Cash payments are dependent on investor funding and/or hackathon competition wins

This is a unique opportunity to join our small but growing community of software developers, engineers, and hackers. Here are the benefits of joining. Click below to read more about our benefits:

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At the end of the day, we leave it up to you to determine how much time you want to commit. But keep the following three concepts in mind:

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What is the Use of Being Human if We Can’t Help Others?

The value of any network is proportional to the value and frequency of the contributions of its members.

To this end, we ask that you contribute something of value to the Code Sport community on a periodic basis. Each of us has talent. And we each have the capacity to change the world for the better. Why not amplify your impact by sharing it with those who can benefit? You will get community recognition and credit for all your contributions.

Here are some ideas and suggestions to help get you started:

  • Join us to participate in online Hackathons
  • Contribute a tutorial to our blog and share something in which you have expertise
  • Know of an upcoming conference or seminar? Share it with the community so others will benefit!
  • Volunteer as an ad hoc mentor to a junior-level Software Engineer within our community
  • Share your knowledge with our community by hosting an online class or tech talk (i.e., short seminar)
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Prior Computer Programming Experience Is Required

Although comprehensive training is provided, this opportunity is best suited for individuals with prior computer programming experience. As such, those with hands-on expertise in low-level languages such as Java and C++ are strongly encouraged to apply.

How To Apply

Preliminary membership is offered to everyone who submits an application. Full membership is offered after you’ve participated with us in a Hackathon or assisted us in specified mission critical areas.

About Us

Code Sport was founded in January 2013 as a WordPress design studio called Code Boss Interactive. In fall 2013, we converted to a code school in Durham, NC. We subsequently held our first class at Duke University in February 2014.

In September 2020 we completed our transition from being a code school to becoming a Software Development and Engineering Incubator. With this transition, we have reinvented ourselves as “Code Sport Labs”. We are now a 100% remote collective with members from all over the globe!

Our mission is to provide a fertile environment to collaborate, explore, and launch innovative businesses spanning the Blockchain, CyberSecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Finance sectors using software and data analytics.