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Post-Mortem: LinkedIn as a Vector for Social Engineering Attacks for Unmotivated New Hires

Lessons Learned LinkedIn as a Social Engineering Attack Vector For New Hires We had a new team member (“Alice”) join Code Sport on June 12, 2023. Conclusion and Take Aways This was an unsophisticated phishing attack on a new employee who was unmotivated and uninterested in her new job. The attackers never included malware links […]

Apprenticeships: Growth Marketing, Software Engineering, and Web3

Apprenticeship Opportunities in Growth Marketing, Software Engineering, and Web3 Code Sport is a tech incubator focused on building transformational, high-impact companies within the Healthcare and FinTech sectors. We have four Apprentice Training programs available. These are great opportunities to network and gain professional career references as well as to earn much needed, hands on work […]

Insights from a Serial Entrepreneur
Mining Rig built from 2017

Hard-learned Insights (Not Confessions) from a Serial Entrepreneur That Which Gets Measured, Gets Done! Growing a small business is like running a lab. There are certain inputs that will guarantee success and those that will thwart it. Continuous monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of your initiatives is also a must. We call this having processes […]

Fitness Ventures Sports Clubs
Fitness Ventures Demo Video

Fitness Ventures Sport Clubs: Business Plan Summary Winner of ETHGlobal’s 2022 DAOHacks IPFS Pool Prize We enable Sports Team and Health Club Memberships, Competitions, and Event Scheduling. We serve the Health, Fitness, and Participatory Sports industries. This report explores technical and business aspects of the Fitness Ventures platform. Herein, we discuss and analyze: Twelve minute […]

Roadmap: DAO Buildout May 23 – July 15

Builder’s DAO: An ERC-721 DAO Utilizing Programmable, Utility NFTs Product Description: At minimum, we will create website that will mint a programmable and utility NFT for our Development team. This enhanced functionality is enabled by the ERC-721 minter contract and each NFT’s json metadata file. Refer to the footnotes on Dynamic and Interactive NFTs for […]

Use Cases for Utility & Programmable NFTs

NFTs Are More Than Goofy Jpegs We see NFTs as tokenized React Applications. They serve as hybrids which connect the on- and off-chain worlds. This means they are minified programs that consume, generate, and manipulate data. In short, these Non-Fungible Applications (NFAs) serve as tokenized software programs which double as containers of value! I don’t […]

Building a Core Dev Team & Incentivizing the Right Behaviors

Our Full Stack Blockchain Software Development Operations Code Sport is a volunteer based organization. However, our plan is to carve out our Blockchain operations into a independent profit center focused on launching profitable business. Our priority has always been building the right culture by attracting a core team of developers who embody our values. If […]