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JQuery Ajax Success and .done()

Removing the Confusion Between JQuery Ajax success:, .success() and .done() There is a lot of confusion on the use of the jQuery success: callback event option. We recently edited a StackOverflow answer related to this and thought we would consolidate the clarification here as well. The success: Callback Event Option Below is the the Ajax […]

How to Make Friends at Conferences and Networking Events!

How to Make Friends at Conferences and Networking Events! In one of their lessons, Epicodius had some tips on how to connect and meet other folks at networking events. I thought the suggestions were totally on-point — They were specifically aimed at those of us who are introverts and have limited experience (or are apprehensive) […]

Inglés Avanzado: Sesiones de Enseñanza Particulares

Breve Panorámica Clases particulares y semi-privados. Profesor y estudiante se reunirán en un lugar público como un café. La meta es que cada participante habla como un hablante nativo en su idioma de enfoque. Énfasis será en la pronunciación y el hablar en una manera naturalmente con fluidez. Detalles Importantes Para inscribirse, envíe un correo […]

Paid Internships, Volunteer Opportunities, & Free Classes

2019 Volunteer Opportunities, Internships & Free Classes To learn more or to register, contact us via email at: . If you’re interested participating, we encourage you to invite a friend as well 🙂 Code Sport has a number of part-time volunteer opportunities as well as internships available beginning June 15, 2018. You will be given […]

ETH: OpenCl error 4 (0) – cannot create DAG on GPU

TLDR; Increase Virtual Memory (the Windows Page File Size) to at least 64,000 MB The solution is to increase available virtual memory by increasing the page file size in Windows. On Windows 10 set the page file size equal to your GPU memory size * number of GPUs. So for a rig running eight RX580 […]

Download Google Drive files with WGET

Overview: How to Download Google Drive Files from the Linux Command Line If you need to update Claymore remotely (i.e., there is no physical access to your mining rig’s USB ports), the following options allow you to download Google Drive files via the command line in 1 line of code. Note: These scenarios work on […]

Disable SearchUI.exe (Disable Cortana) on Windows 10

Open the windows command prompt in administrator mode: References How to Permanently Stop SearchUI.exe from Running in Windows 10

Ethereum (ETH): The Byzantium Hard Fork

TL;DR: I’m a Miner. What Do I need to Do to Prepare for Byzantium Hard Fork? You should update your Ethereum client (i.e. your wallet). For Linux users running geth, just do this: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get upgrade If you found this helpful, feel free to tip us ETH: 0xff682Acd27D5f073Be77cd88b2F9eb8c2C59c049 Preparing for […]

Ethereum (ETH): Adding WiFI to Your Linux Mining Rig

The first call of action is to purchase a WiFi adapter that’s compatible with Linux. After trial-and-error, we found the BrosTrend Long Range USB WiFi Adapter 1200Mbps to work perfectly. Finding the right Linux drivers is the next challenge. We contributed this this driver version on GitHub which works well with the BrosTrend Long Range […]

Motherboard BIOS Error: Blinitializelibrary failed 0xc00000bb

This is a BIOS Power-On Self-Test (POST), Video Graphics Array (VGA) error. It may occur when there are multiple GPUS on a motherboard and an abrupt shutdown of Windows 10. The abrupt shutdown may prevent the BIOS from initiating a proper POST. This, in turn, may force the motherboard to reset to default values. The […]