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Roadmap: DAO Buildout May 23 – June 23

Builder’s NFT We will create an NFT for our core blockchain team. This NFT is a programmable and utility NFT. This functionality is afforded by the ERC-721 minter contract and the json metadata file. The animation_url in the metadata file should point to anhtml file. We would like to explore storing the json metadata off-chain […]

Use Cases for Utility & Programmable NFTs

Overview: Features of Utility and Programmable NFTs Code Sport Labs is building an industry focused ecosystem of programmable and utility NFTs. We view NFTs as containers of values. Below is a non-exhaustive list of potential use cases: Detailed Analysis: Programable NFTs Because NFTs are bound to smart contracts (and are programmable), they may be used […]

Building a Core Dev Team & Incentivizing the Right Behaviors

Our Full Stack Blockchain Software Development Operations Code Sport is a volunteer based organization. However, our plan is to carve out our Blockchain operations into an independent profit center focused on Customers and Developers. We will spin off our Blockchain efforts — either into a DAO and/or as standalone business that would seek traditional venture […]

ZK-Proofs: Windows 10 & 11 WSL Setup
Windows Posts Image

The below steps were successfully tested on a new laptop running Windows 11. They should also work for Windows 10. We will be installing Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). I personally, References Installing WSL Setting Up Your WSL Environment Installing Circom (along with rust and snarkjs) Using Git With WSL

Introduction to Programmable NFTs

Navigation Executive Summary: Eight Test DAO NB: Eight Test DAO is a placeholder name for yet to be named DAO that would spun off from Code Sport Labs Eight Test uses NFTs as primitives to provide cashflow entitlements, blockchain-based credentialing, proof of provenance, proof of work (completed labor), and proof of attendance (of events) for […]


Where: ≡ defined as ≈ equivalent to f: frequency in Hertz λ: wavelength v: velocity c: velocity of light = 2.998×108m/s x, y, z: arbitrary coordinates in 3-dimensional space t: time Fμν: electromagnetic field tensor, all the information about the electric and magnetic field Tμν: energy-stress tensor, describes the mass-energy, momentum, and stress density Gμν: […]

Restaurantes del Siglo 21: Ampliando Sus Huellas, Sin Ampliar Sus Espacios

Bienvenido a la cuarta cuota de nuestra serie de empresas de alto rendimiento. Con la cuarta, discutimos y resumimos brevemente unas maniobras tácticas e innovadores. Son maniobras innovadores para los dueños de restaurantes. Las medidas que lo presentamos tienen la potencial de aumentar los flujos de efectivo mientras minimizando los gastos. Aquí hay las entradas […]

La Publicidad Digital En América Latina: Lanzar Su Agencia de Mercadeo

Presentación: Lanzar Un Agencia de Mercadeo Le presentamos nuestra tercera entrada en la serie de empresas de alto rendimiento. Ésta, la parte tres, se enfoca en los requisitos básicos para establecer una Agencia de Publicidad Digital. Es decir, una hoja de ruta y guía sobre cómo lanzar un negocio digital. Ese negocio digital es una […]

La Microempresa Exitosa – Una Cuestión de Motivos, Fines, y Demográficos

Resumen Esta entrada es la parte 2 de una serie de artículos sobre el lanzamiento y gestión de negocios y microempresas de alto rendimiento. La serie se apunta brevemente las mejores prácticas de tecnología, psicología, y relaciones humanas. Un esquema y una estrategia de “Go To Market” para lanzar una empresa ética, ágil, y moderna […]

Iterating Through JSON Object Array

Raw JSON is sent by the server as a string, not an object. And, although you can iterate through such strings, the hierarchical node-tree structure of the object is lost. So, by explicitly specifying the dataType:’json’ in your AJAX request, the object is converted to a Javascript object which is iterable and with structure. Finally, […]